About CoverMD

CoverMD® is a division of NJSave LLC, the parent company of many highly successful insurance related referral websites. NJSave LLC was formed in 2006 by Len Mosco, an independent insurance agent with over 35 years experience and Joe Gilhawley, a long-time website application developer. The inital objective was to create an online referral website for New Jersey consumers looking for quotes on personal insurance lines such as auto and homeowners insurance. Our first website went live in June 2006 and the concept was so successful that additional websites were added targeting various insurance products and\or states.

Our philosophy has always been to identify quality, progessive thinking insurance agencies and companies who can provide friendly, professional advice, competitive rates and excellent personal customer service to our online visitors. Once a quote request is submitted from any of our websites it is immediately routed to an insurance professional who can provide the necessary assistance. All our participating insurance agencies are local businesses based right here in the United States and not some anonymous overseas call center. In effect, we combine the best of both worlds, the latest Internet based technology and good old fashioned human interaction.

CoverMD - A Medical Malpractice Insurance Website

CoverMD went live in early 2008 and quickly became the flagship website for our company. It was the first, and remains, the only truly independent online referral website for physicians looking for free no-obligation quotes on medical malpractice insurance. Our aquisition of the MedicalMalpracticeInsurance.com website domain cemented our position as the leading online site for medical malpractice insurance.

Medical malpractice insurance - About Us

CoverMD has put in place a select network of dedicated malpractice insurance professionals nationwide who represent medical malpractice insurance companies with highly competitive rates for the states they cover. The affordable rates combined with the experience and industry knowledge that these professionals bring to the table is key to why CoverMD has become so successful with doctors and other healthcare providers throughout the United States.

Please note: CoverMD is an online insurance referral service, not an insurance carrier or agency.

Although originally geared only towards physicians, CoverMD has now expanded in scope becoming more of a portal for many areas around medical liability insurance for both individuals and healthcare facilities. Examples of additional featured areas on CoverMD include free professional liability insurance quotes for Med Spas, Teleradiology, Weight Loss Centers and more.

For more information please call us directly at 1-800-917-0443 or use our Contact form.

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